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Member Candidates

  • Vistage members are high-integrity business leaders who work together to improve themselves, their companies, and their communities.
  • By referring a member you are strengthening your Vistage community, expanding the diversity and range of perspectives, and allowing for innovative ideas and solutions you can leverage within your business.
  • Who do you know who could bring a fresh outlook and unique experience to the world-class Vistage community?

Chair Candidates

  • As a member, you understand the importance and impact a great Chair can have. Your Chair gives you a remarkable advantage in your business: experience you trust, perspectives you value and commitment to your development as a leader.
  • That’s why we’re reaching out to you for individuals who you’d trust to Chair a group like yours, and who in turn would value the opportunity to improve the effectiveness and enhance the lives of high-integrity executives.
  • Do you know an executive in transition who might be ready for a self-driven encore career?

Refer a Speaker

Vistage speakers are experts in their field, with extensive experience and insights to help our members grow their businesses and improve their lives. No matter their expertise, our speakers have what it takes to make a deep, lasting impact on every group they address.

Do you know an expert like this who is interested in joining our world-class Speaker community? Refer them to and have them fill out the interest form.

Refer a Member to our International Partners

The global Vistage community is made up of more than 28,000 business leaders worldwide. Our more than 1,000 Chairs lead peer advisory groups in cities far and wide, from New York to Buenos Aires, and from Shanghai to Sydney. Every group in every country is focused on the same goal: to help business leaders thrive.

This is your opportunity to bring the Vistage experience to more business leaders worldwide, while strengthening our community, expanding your global network of peers, and bringing new insights and perspectives to the table.

Do you know someone in one of our 20 global partner countries who could benefit from Vistage?